Monday, February 23, 2009

KnitPIcks and Me

I discovered KnitPicks online years ago. I love them. I have knit so many things with their yarn. I also have found it a good place to find needles and books. Their book prices always beat Amazon's. My shopping cart at their siteeternally overfloweth . They are located about 15 miles away from me in Vancouver, WA, and Kelly, their president, has been known to frequent local yarn shops here. Don't ask me how she finds the time.
Anyway, I have been very pleased with their Harmony needles. made out of laminated wood. Besides being beautiful, they are so easy to work with. My yarn just slides over them.

Today while working on a pair of socks, (natch!), using size 0 circular needles, my needle suddenly fell apart. I was just knitting and doing nothing else.
I immediately called their customer service number and told them my problem. Without batting an eyelash, the CSR offered to send me a replacement pair. Of course, she looked up my name, and probably my order history and decided I was worth keeping as a customer.
And now they will. They are a company that stands behind their products and understand the value of good customer relations.
Go KnitPicks!

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Connie said...

Every time I wear the socks you knitted for me (which is quite often!), I think of you and the love you put into every stitch. I am honored to wear the socks you created for me!