Friday, November 2, 2007

Socks in The Cities

I have made many (over 30) pairs of socks in the past few years. I have given most of them to others. But now I am going to record some of them for posterity. This is a pair that I just finished for my grand daughter, Bre. They are for her 6th birthday, which is next week. They go into the mail later today. I used a fun yarn from KnitPicks, 100% merino, which makes them extra soft. Another unusual feature is the Eye of Partridge heel that I did this time. It's a new pattern, but extra simple. Now if I can just get this program to cooperate and download it.

1 comment:

Janet Jensen said...

Oh, those are gorgeous! I can't believe Bre is going to be 6! Beautiful job on the knitting, big sis!

Love, Janet