Friday, April 3, 2009

A Time to Celebrate!

It's been an up and down week. It's been raining all week in Portland, but what else is new? Monday was pretty dismal and I was struggling. Nothing happening on the job front, no movement. Things were just so flat.
But Tuesday, everything started to turn around. I facilitate a focus group of eight fellow tech writers and two of them found jobs that day!
It's been a long time in the desert for both of them, but they start on Monday, and we are celebrating that today with lunch.
I have been submitted for a position and have applied for several others that look promising.
My other blog (the business one, is getting rave reviews.
And yesterday a long awaited child arrived safely to the collective joy of many anxiously waiting friends. Welcome to the world, Siri Grace (what a cool name!).
No, this is not Siri, since her exhausted dad has not had time to post any pictures. It's Paige, my adorable great-niece at a few hours old. But all newborns are beautiful gifts from God.
Another good friend received the news that her brilliant quirky son, has been accepted at UCSC. She is a single mom and one of the most resourceful people I know. It has only been through her hard work and grit that this kid has done so well. So, Congratulations, Ellie and Jacob.
And lastly, today is my sister Janet's birthday. (See picture below from her book jacket).
My baby sister, the successful writer and wonderful grandma, became a part of my life years ago. Out of deference to her, and the fact that she doesn't look it, I won't mention her age.
She was born wise and with a unique view of the world, which has brightened many of my darkest times. When we were growing up, mother always made us matching dresses, in three sizes. I was the oldest and wore one, then Ellen wore hers followed by my version when she got bigger. Janet had three versions of every one!
Every once in a while, we go shopping and buy three of the same dress, just for fun!
Today, I have a networking meeting in the morning, a celebratory lunch in the middle of the day and then my shift at the temple until nine.
Even if it is raining, there is sunshine in my world.
May you have lots of light and happiness in yours.


Emily Pitts said...

yay! what a fun thing to read. having three dresses is familiar in my family too. good luck with the job search, we'll add you to our prayers.

nekkidd day spa said...

good luck with your search, Anne. And thanks for the good wishes on Jacob and me!